Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                     Meet The Pastor



Pastor Phillip Dismuke is an anointed, appointed and approved messenger and servant of Almighty God. A man of integrity, humility, compassion, zeal and fortitude. A man not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who preaches and teaches God’s Word with understanding. We, here at Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries are indeed overjoyed and bless by God to have him as our leader, and by his side his lovely wife, Elect Lady Michelle Dismuke, along with their two lovely anointed and gifted daughters, Micia and Manina Dismuke.  


In 1975, Phillip Dismuke joined Bethlehem Healing Temple in Chicago, IL, under Bishop Woods where he served in the ministry of music.  In 1978, he and his family served in the ministry under the leadership of Pastor Jearlean Rivers, where he also ministered in music.   When Pastor Rivers relocated to another state, they united with the late Pastor E.R. Allen of the Christ Bible Center Ministry in Chicago, IL.


After the transition of the late Pastor E.R. Allen in 1995, Phillip Dismuke united with God Promise Center located in Riverdale, IL. There he served in the ministry of music playing the drums and guitar and later became more involved by serving on the Pastor’s Aide Committee.  As time progressed, God elevated and appointed him an elder, and shortly thereafter, a licensed minister.  Two years later, his faithfulness and tireless work in the ministry of the Lord took him yet higher in the call of God in the office of a Prophet.


Pastor Phillip and Michelle Dismuke have been married now for over 25 years and are co-laborers in the ministry in bringing souls into the Kingdom of God. There mission is to reach the lost and help believers in the body of Christ to fulfill their "God-Appointed Vision" -- "for the vision is for a appointed time".


Phillip Dismuke has been elevated by God from glory-to-glory, and on December 18, 2004, he was licensed as a Pastor.  In conjunction with his call in ministry, his wife, Michelle Dismuke, joined with him at the God Promise Center.  She, along with her husband, served in various capacities and was elevated in the ministry as well.  She worked on the Pastor's Aide Committee, Marriage Ministry, and served as the Director of Praise Dance. In addition to all of the above, God confirmed yet another calling for the Dismukes and they were lead to start the nationwide, “Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries Global Prayer and Intercession Prayer Line”, whereby prayer, praise, testimony and fellowship are invoked twice weekly.


On April 12, 2009, Pastor Dismuke received the call of God to Pastor his own church.  Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries was birthed out of the very home of Pastor Phillip and Elect Lady Michelle Dismuke.  And on October 24, 2009, both were installed and ordained Pastors of Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries.

Fulfillment of the Promise Ministries continues to flourish, grow and exemplify the practice of the Word of God in operation and demonstration. Pastor Phillip and Elect Lady Michelle Dismuke ensure that the people under their leadership are equipped with an understanding of the Word of God and learn the importance of pray, praise, worship and holy living, which is our reasonable service to the Lord God.  Both are truly God’s humble and compassionate man and woman of faith, love and power, for such a time as this.